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So. Cal. Pet Bird Rescue

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Through our long history of training birds and performing in bird shows (see bio page), we have developed a strong affinity for training and rehabilitating pet birds. To this day, we have accepted many unwanted birds with behavioral problems. Many of which, now star in our educational and entertaining programs. However, there are some birds that would rather be left alone and we accommodate them as well.

Click to enlarge Unfortunately many people accept pet birds into their homes, and have very little understanding or care of the birds eclectic needs and behaviors. Pet birds are very intelligent and demanding; and not to provide the correct necessary attention, will produce many significant behavioral problems. Neurotic screaming, feather plucking, aggressiveness, and fear are all results of improper bird care and neglect.

These birds often become even more neglected, abused and unwanted. We are often willing to find good and appropriate living situations for these birds, or accept them into our own homes and maybe even into our educational programs. We do not, and will not pay money for, or sell any rescued pet bird. As this only perpetuates the abuse and trade of these poor animals.

If your interested in accepting a pet bird into your home, do the research first. They are long lived (15-100 years depending on species), highly intelligent, moody, and needy.

If you are looking to find an appropriate home for an unwanted bird or can no longer keep your loved pet bird, Feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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