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Bird Control

Click to enlarge Allow us to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Erick Briggs and Andy "AJ" White, we are the proprietors of Natural Solutions Wildlife Industries. Accompanying us is our team of trained and friendly service dogs. Combined we have nearly twenty years of experience in avian behavior. We participate in a form of bird control called "active harassment," deemed to be one of the most effective and humane forms of abatement.
Click to enlarge We patrol golf courses and resorts in the Coachella Valley; harassing coots, geese, and other avian pest species . We truly appreciate all the support we have received (on both sides of the issue). We welcome everyone to come introduce yourselves and meet our team of service dogs. Please be aware that our service dogs are well trained, and are taught to differentiate between the target birds (coots and geese) and non-target birds (ducks and swans). Our service dogs understand that there is a no kill policy.

Click to enlarge To provide an idea of the process of active harassment , we would like to explain the basics of what you will be observing. As described by the state, "active harassment" employs the consistent use of non-lethal means to provide a hostile environment for problem species, resulting in natural relocation. We will be using the dogs and their perceived predatory behavior to accomplish this goal. Also employed is the use of secondary mechanisms, such as remote control boats, balloons, and other non-lethal "threatening" innovations. These combined activities will make the birds uneasy. Overtime they will feel so uncomfortable that they will relocate on their own. This results in a manageable population. Progress will be observed over time, and may require consistent maintenance to render optimal results.

While we appreciate all suggestions, please note, it is illegal for anyone private or public (including us) to intentionally kill, capture, or physically remove any native bird (including coots). Unless designated by state and federal officials.

We look forward to serving your needs.

* Please note: Although we have pictures of falcons on our site, Falconry Abatement is not currently an option we can offer. Even though we are accomplished Abatement Falconers, we do not currently own any falcons at this time. We are working on the paperwork to make falconry abatement an option for next season.

Natural Solutions Wildlife Enterprises
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